Dr. Daniel Barrett performs just about 70 breast augmentation surgeries weekly. He is passionate about it and loves it. Many of his breast surgery patients are so elated with their results they share on social media, knowing they will have years of happiness. Sometimes, the outcomes are not as favorable. An explant is either requested for different reasons or is medically necessary for the patient’s health. Some sufferers experience their scar tissue capsule become peculiarly hard and contract around the implant, capsular contracture.

Whether you have an implant rupture, body discomfort disrupting your daily life, or you’re going for a new look, your reason for wanting to remove your breast implants is personal. A breast lift is one consideration after implant removal needed for some to regain that youthful breast appearance.

Celebrated Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Daniel Barrett, MD, MHA, MS, is experienced in advanced surgical methods to produce excellent breast lift results after breast removal surgery.

Skin & Tissue Resiliency

Many women have stretched skin around their boobs because of weight fluctuations, pregnancy, age, genetics, or getting large breast implants. Over time the skin around the implant loosens and begins to sag. After a breast explant procedure, some patients opt to replace their implants with a new set, while others require a breast lift to re-contour, raise and tighten the bosom for proportioned, natural-looking perky breasts.

 Implant Size Matters

Suppose you’re a person who went from an A to a DD cup. It’s safe to assume the breast skin will not snap back to its original state, making a breast lift something to consider if you want your new breasts high and tight.

 Nipples & Areolas

Because implants stretch the skin, after removal, it can cause the nipples to appear unbalanced, messing up the breast’s overall appearance by sitting too low. Placing attention on the nipple by moving it to a higher position creates a more aesthetically pleasing breast.

 Getting the Results, You Want

After removing your implants, the goal of breast lift surgery is to have tight skin, well-contoured, young-looking, full breasts. Cleavage you want to show off in beautiful bras, tops, dresses, bathing suits, or while wearing nothing at all. You simply want to look as attractive on the outside as you feel on the inside.

 Consult with Dr. Daniel Barrett

Are you thinking about having your breast implants removed? Scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to decide if you will need breast lift surgery after an explant. Call our office at (310) 598-2648 to schedule. If you’re not ready to venture out into public spaces yet because of Covid-19, speak to us from your home with a virtual surgical consultation. Our team is happy to answer all your questions.

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