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The Explant Surgery website is a platform that aims to educate people about the procedure and connect them with the best board-certified aesthetic surgeons. We believe that choosing to have breast explant surgery is a big decision, that’s why it’s essential to research and know what to expect, as well as have access to a community that has went through similar experiences.

Our mission is to make sure you have access to quality and credible resources regarding all things explant. Dr. Barrett, the founder of “The Explant Surgery,” along with other well known explant surgeons, have joined their insight and experience to assure you get connected to the most competent board-certified explant surgeon nearby. With the help of a board certified surgeon you can rest assure that you will be supported by a health professional that understands you and your implant health.

An American board-certified explant surgeon has completed six years of rigorous training and has expert technical skills and perceptive aesthetic judgment to handle emergencies and complications.

It is our hope that this website provides you with credible information and connection to others going through the same journey to help you make decisions, and get connected to health care professionals that can help you take the next step forward in your journey.



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Explant Surgeon Experts

Dr. Daniel Barrett, MD, MHA, MS

Dr. Barrett specializes in natural-looking breast augmentation and explantation surgeries.


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