Breast Explant Procedures

After breast implant surgery, scar tissue is naturally formed around your implant. Thus, all breast implants have a capsule built around them, which is normal and expected.

If due to some complication, the plastic surgeon recommends its removal, a capsulectomy is performed.


This surgical procedure is conducted to modify the scar capsule by removing part of the capsule around the implant to make more space for the implant. However, this is not the ideal technique used for breast explant surgery.

Total Capsulectomy

Breast explant with total capsulectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing the entire capsule, also known as scar tissue that surrounds the implant. The surgeon may remove the implant first and then the capsule.

Subtotal Capsulectomy

A subtotal or partial capsulectomy is a surgical procedure that removes only a part of the capsule with the probable replacement of the breast implant. It may require a smaller incision as compared to total capsulectomy.

En Bloc Capsulectomy

Breast explant with En Bloc Capsulectomy is a surgical procedure in which the entire capsule, including the breast implant, is removed intact as one piece. The capsule with scar tissue should not be punctured during the surgical procedure.

Capsulectomy is the surgical removal of the hardened scar tissue, also known as a capsule. However, when all the scar tissue is removed, including the scar tissue lining around the implant and most likely the implant as well, it is referred to as total capsulectomy. In total capsulectomy, the breast implant is removed first, following the remaining scar tissue, also known as the capsule surrounding the implant. However, there is a chance of the toxins from being released into the body; therefore, a board-certified surgeon is required to make sure which technique is best for you.

Whereas, en-bloc capsulectomy is advised, as will be discussed by the surgeon when there are other complications associated with capsulectomy itself. En-bloc capsulectomy is the capsule with an enclosed implant, and during the surgical procedure, they are removed as a whole, demanding a larger incision compared to capsulectomy.

Some of the steps in breast explant procedure are mentioned briefly, as follows:

There are two types of anesthesia: general and intravenous, the doctor and the anesthesiologist will suggest the most suitable one for you.

During the Breast Explant surgical procedure, an incision will be placed along the lower fold of your breast or around/below the areola.

The operation technique will depend on your surgery and what your surgeon finds best for you. It can be removed with a combination of techniques.

The incision is then closed using sutures, adhesives, tapes, or clips.

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