Breast implants don’t last forever, about ten years for most people before needing a replacement or upgrade. Depending on how you feel about your breast augmentation when it’s time for maintenance, removal might not be such a bad thing. As we age, life changes. Motherhood, lifestyle, cosmetic trends, or medical reasons that reduces your health’s safety can affect how we view our bodies. Or maybe we just want a more natural appearance.

As you contemplate implant removal, it’s time to address your expectations and what happens throughout the explant process. Knowing what options are available once your breast implants are no longer a part of you will help to prep for the procedure. Keep in mind; you’re not alone on this journey. In 2019, 33,764 Breast implant removals (Augmentation patients only) surgeries happened in the United States, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

What’s Involved in Removing Breast Implants?

Removing breast implants is like getting them, except in reverse. The procedure is typically under general anesthesia, taking up to three hours if no complications arise, just like during your breast augmentation. Dr. Barrett will use the original operation site (under the arm or breast) to lessen scarring and to remove scar tissue and the implants.

After a breast explant procedure, some patients opt to replace their implants with a new set or require a breast lift because the skin has stretched or has unreasonable sagging. At this point, extra skin is removed and tightened, providing supreme support to your new cleavage. Should your bosoms be considerably smaller, the areola might appear broader and not look appealing. Dr. Barrett will decide to resize if necessary.

Once complete, you will have bandages or a compression bra, then move to your recovery station to regain your wits about you (about an hour) before being released to your designated driver and approved to go home.

What About Complications?

There is always the probability of complications, as with any surgical procedure. During your initial consultation, you will address issues like smoking and alcohol intake (both increases the risks of something going wrong), loss of breast sensation or numbness, a reaction to anesthesia, having second thoughts that lead to emotional distress, bleeding, or intense pain. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is essential, so complications are less of a concern.

Recouping at Home After Breast Removal

Healing is different for everyone since our body makeup is unique to each of us. How you heal will also depend on if you had other procedures simultaneously. One promising aspect of breast removal surgery, the recovery is gentler. You will feel snug and weighty in the chest for several weeks if you had a lift or a medical complication like capsular contracture. Healing will take longer. Most people return to work in less than seven days and resume daily activities soon after with little pain after surgery.

Avoid working out for 30 days to improve healing and not to create unnecessary complications. Also, don’t lift anything above eight pounds for two months. Give your new breasts a chance to settle into their skin. Scars should be unnoticeable and will heal like when you had a breast augmentation. Did you know scars never completely disappear? Consider using Skinuva™ Scar, a silicone cream matrix to help manage coloration. Our team can assist you with exclusive curated pre-and post-op essentials.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment for Breast Removal?

Choosing a respected board-certified plastic surgeon for your breast explant surgery will minimize complications and ensure your chest’s appearance is optimum. If you would like to discover more about breast removal, call (310) 598-2648 to schedule a consultation. For those more comfortable speaking with our team from the comfort of your home, we provide virtual surgical consultations and virtual non-surgical consults. Barrett Plastic Surgery is happy to answer all your questions.

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