Are you considering removing your breast implants because you are experiencing unusual symptoms? Do you want to replace your breast implants with the newer and better ones because of cosmetic reasons? Do you feel it is time to go implants free? With all these questions going through your head, you want to know more about the right time for your breast explant surgery. Let’s see if this blog can answer your questions regarding the right time for you to have your implants removed. The breast implants are not everlasting. According to the FDA, the longevity is about a decade, and patients might have to remove the implant after ten years. However, many cosmetic surgeons suggest that breast implants can last from 15 to 30 years. Therefore, there is always a chance your implants might rupture or deflate over time, depending on your lifestyle and many other factors. The usual reasons for females wanting to remove their implants are often replacing implants with a newer size, shape, or better type.

Common reasons for women to consider explant surgery

Breast Implant Complications

Usually, when patients want to remove their implant due to the complications, one of the most common reasons is saline or silicone implant rupture. Other breast implants are more likely to be removed if a patient is experiencing any difficulties due to the breast implant. The complications include:

  • Breast implant Rupture and Deflation
  • The autoimmune and inflammatory response to the implant
  • Fever
  • Uneven breast size and shape
  • Hardening of scar tissue
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Burning sensations or numbness
  • Muscles and joint pain
  • Swollen eyes
  • Hair loss
  • Irritation and discomfort
  • Other medical complications

Breast cancer is one of the reasons for explant surgery as well. An implant doesn’t cause breast cancer; it occurs due to genetic and other environmental factors. Unfortunately, most of the time, it becomes necessary to remove the implant, and the patient might have to undergo a mastectomy. If you are experiencing any medical complications, please consult your physician and get your mammogram and MRI scan. The physician will guide you on whether the symptoms are due to the breast implant or any other medical condition.

Personal Cosmetic Concerns

While each woman has her reason to have her implants removed, the common causes include:

  • The aesthetic of boobs has changed with age and pregnancy.
  • Athletic females find the implants uncomfortable, especially while practicing and work out.
  • Newer and advanced implants are introduced in the market.

Some women, such as social media influencers, decide to be implant free to enjoy their natural breasts. Every woman has her reason for removing the implant. In conclusion, women want implants to enjoy perky and full breasts, but over time, their decisions might change, and that’s normal. If you are concerned about the implant removal because of the aesthetics, a ten year period has passed since the implantation procedure, medical complications, or want to remove your implant for any other personal reason. It is best to consult your surgeon and know more about your options and risks related to the surgery.