It’s no surprise that as we move through life, our preferences and opinions change. Trends, culture, and even just age all influence how we see ourselves and the things we find appealing. Then there are circumstances out of our control that may force our hands. If you’re thinking about breast implant removal surgery—whether your personal preferences have changed or you’re experiencing  symptoms that may demand their removal—it’s normal to feel apprehensive about what your body might look like. Before we discuss options, let’s first discuss the basics of  breast implant removal. Also known as explant surgery, the removal of breast implants is a surgical procedure that removes (or explants) the implants from the breast pocket. It’s done for a number of reasons, from breast implant illness to end of their natural lifespan (it’s recommended that you replace your breast implants every 10 years to avoid any complications) to capsular contracture or rupture and even simple just change in your preferences.

Can I Get a Fat Transfer to my Breasts After Explant Surgery?

No matter the reason for your explant surgery, you’re probably feeling apprehensive about the appearance of your breasts post-explant. This is totally normal! You should always choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon for the removal of your breast implants is to ensure you love your new results. If you’re afraid of them falling flat, you may need a breast lift along with your breast implant removal to maintain a perky, youthful shape and position to the breasts. If replacing your implants is your choice, you’ll want to ensure your new implants are proportional to your body so that they look as natural as possible.

Finally, a great option to consider is a fat transfer breast augmentation: a two-fold process that takes excess, unwanted fat from one part of the body through liposuction and injects it into the breast to achieve an enhanced size and shape.

What is a Fat Transfer to Breasts?

A fat transfer to the breasts, sometimes called a natural breast augmentation, or a fat transfer breast augmentation, is a two-part process that takes excess, unwanted fat from one part of the body through liposuction and injects it into the breast to enhance their size and shape. The results can be more natural in look and feel than implants and it leaves no scarring on the breast. Plus, there’s also the sculpting benefits that come with liposuction. It’s often chosen by women who want to enhance their breasts but are hesitant to undergo typical breast augmentation with implants because of the maintenance and risks associated.

Another reason to consider fat grafting after breast explant surgery: the recovery from fat transfer to breasts  is markedly less than with traditional breast augmentation with implants. Generally speaking, you should expect about two weeks to recover: three days of solid downtime and relative downtime for the remainder of the two weeks. Some patients feel comfortable returning to work after five days, while others take longer, depending on the amount of liposuction. You may have some minor discomfort, swelling and bruising immediately after your natural breast augmentation, with residual swelling and bruising in both the breasts and the area of your liposuction in the weeks following,  but you’ll most likely be able to return to your normal activity level and any swelling, bruising and/or discomfort should be gone or minimal four to six weeks after.

Additionally, to ensure you have the best possible outcome, Dr. Barrett has curated a Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit to set his fat transfer breast augmentation patients up for surgical success with the least amount of down time and discomfort possible. He’s also created an Ultimate Recovery Surgery Kit as well as an Essentials Recovery Kit to give patients the most access to everything they may need to recover.

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