“Should the capsule be removed when breast implants are removed?”


6:39 am

What happens to the space after the implant and capsule are removed? Is there bacteria, inflammatory cells, and fragments of silicone left in the capsule after Explant? Is that why the capsule should be removed or do these particles wash away? I’m reading conflicting information on the removal of the capsule.

Dr. Daniel Barrett

6:39 am

Dear AnnJR, as long as you don’t have capsular contracture and your capsules are thin, there is no need for their removal and you can only remove implants. If you are considering a surgery, I would suggest you to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. Only after a thorough examination you will get more information and recommendations. Daniel Barrett, MD Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery Member, American Society of Plastic Surgery Members, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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